Celebrating 35 Years!

In 1979, Thermodyn began business with the dual purpose of selling A.W. Chesterton products and manufacturing high-temperature elastomers for the expansion joint industry. Today, that is still our main focus. Fluoroelastomers made by DuPont Dow and 3M, Dyneon are our specialty, but all elastomers and coated products are within our realm of expertise. With the addition of Teflon®-coated and filmed fiberglass products, and our patented Flourodyn Caulk and Coating made with Viton, we have a complete line for the expansion joint, gasket, and fluid sealing industries.

We are leaders in manufacturing new and innovative products used around the world.

Our goal and purpose is to serve our customers' needs to their complete satisfaction... by producing quality products at fair and competitive prices. By being responsive to our customers needs, we can help them to meet and exceed their objectives.

Our people are our most important resource, and we are committed to providing a working environment that promotes personal growth and achievement. Our future success is dependent upon our ability to bring added value to our clients. Teamwork, reliability and innovation will be the keys to the future for Thermodyn and our customers.